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Juanita Ostrem- pilates and personal training

With an impressive resume spanning multiple continents, Juanita brings over 25 years of unparalleled expertise to the world of fitness. Nominated for the NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year, Juanita has left an indelible mark on the industry. From the sun-drenched landscapes of Arizona to the rugged terrains of Wyoming and even Down Under in Australia, where she has honed her skills as the head trainer in Mackay Queensland.


Juanita isn't your average trainer; she's a dynamic force dedicated to transforming lives. Whether you're an everyday Joe or someone undergoing chemotherapy, battling back pain, an aspiring  athlete, pursuing weight loss, managing autoimmune diseases or navigating the challenges of menopause (an over 40 woman's specialist). She loves working with the not so perfect body.

More than just a fitness coach, Juanita is an inspiration in motion, demanding and delivering results that go beyond expectations. Her unique ability to connect with clients on a personal level creates an empowering environment where fitness goals become a reality.



 Services Offered by Juanita Ostrem at Lift Fitness:

  1. Personalized Training Programs: Tailored to individual needs, Juanita crafts programs that address specific goals, whether it's building strength, weight loss, or overall well-being.

  2. Classical Pilates Training: Unlock the power of Pilates under Juanita's guidance, combining strength, flexibility, and movement pattern training for a comprehensive fitness experience. Juanita is also the teacher of future pilates teachers within Lift Fitness Studio's apprenticeship  program.

  3. Weight Training: From beginners to seasoned lifters, Juanita's expertise ensures effective and safe weight training programs that yield tangible results. Your goals=Your result

  4. Online Training: Through virtual sessions, Juanita extends her motivational and results-driven approach to clients globally, ensuring accessibility without compromising quality.

Embark on your fitness journey with Juanita Ostrem at Lift Fitness—where passion meets expertise, and transformation becomes a reality!




NSCA certified personal trianer  

Nominee NSCA personal trainer of the year 2007

Mentorship Institute for Human Performance

Peak Pilates  III Training

Drexel University Workshop 2016

Apprenticeship with Chris Robinson -2017

Classical Syllabus Mejo Wiggin 2019

Re-Assessment 2019   - Alycea Ungaro@ Real Pilates NYC

Old School at the Ranch 2020 - Kathryn Ross-Nash

Re Alignment -Real Pilate NYC

Re- Assessment 2020        Real Pilates NYC

Scoliosis Workshop Sonje Mayo 2021

Super Advanced Work- Real Pilates 2022 Houston TX

Beyond the Syllabus Mejo Wiggins -2023

Mejo Wiggins Wyoming Workshop Sept 2023

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