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Our Philosophy

LIFT Fitness Studio can help you get the most out of your body so that you can fit in that dress, hunt without knee pain, end the workday with less back pain, and keep golfing no matter what your age- athletes to elders.  Life is crazy. We make sure your workout is the one thing you get right each training day. Come sweat with us!

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Image by Jennifer Burk

Join us for this small group training. Whether you choose traditional weight  training or classical pilates we want to help you reach your fitness goals.  Among its many benefits, participating helps improve strength, weight loss, and flexibility. Changing your body just might change your life!

Need extra attention because you have physical limitations, back pain, knee pain or just like working out independently private workouts might be the best fit for you. We want you to get the perfect workout for YOU!

Is it time you start eating for your body instead of someone else? Do you want to figure out what works for your unique physique? Meal planning adjusted to fit YOU, biweekly InBody body fat testing, girth measurements and awesome software to use even after your first 12 weeks are over.  


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210 S Gillette Ave Gillette WY 82716


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