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workout planning

Resilient: from the Latin "leaping back".  If you've been looking for a workout program designed to make you move better, feel better, trainer smarter and live life with more stamina and resiliency,  we are here to help you!



This isn't group fitness or a cookie cutter program we hand out.  Instead it a way for you to work around past injuries, workout ignorance or learn a better way to train.   Our personal trainers  can write you a personalized weight training program . Set up a FREE consult and we can meet in person or via ZOOM.  During our consult we can discuss your fitness goals and training history.  A personalized program will be created for you,  your training environment (gym or home) and your injury status. 

Training Packages Start at $147/ month and include one hour zoom workout. (Program value $199- Private Workout $65 = $90 savings)